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What is rework in the industry?

If at the end of the work of a product it does not turn out as designed, it is necessary to devote time to make the product conform to the specification. We call this rework.


The rework is one of the waste and is to perform an operation on a piece that has been defective in a process with the aim of converting it into a correct piece according to the quality parameters and reinstate it to the production line.

The rework can be classified into:

-Elimination of excess casting

– Burr Removal

-Rework and correction of cuts

– Construction changes for serial parts until the introduction of the modified tools


The cost of rework compared to getting rid of them and having to replace the stock will always be lower.


Metrics Mexico is responsible for reducing rework times while maintaining product quality through a standard procedure manual. With a manual of standardized procedures. Write us at infomexico@mesinc.net


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