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Inspection and Rework

Metrics México offers high quality inspection and skilled rework services to a variety of industries: Automotive, Plastics, Electric, Electronics, Metal and Maquiladora. Our inspection and rework services will save you money and facilitate your customer’s satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with an inspection service and rework that affords you the highest quality merchandise.

The advantages of Metrics México inspection and rework services:
Monitor and control your production and process variability.
Prevent defects by inspecting materials and analyzing the manufacturing process.
Prevent non-conforming goods by inspecting the first pieces of production.
Defective product and parts will be recovered through rework.
Specifications provided by you will guide all rework.
Rework is well documented keeping you fully informed of the process.
Parts beyond rework will be returned to you or disposed of with permission.
Pre Shipment Inspection of packed goods for final confirmation before shipment.


Services Offered

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