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Warehousing & Logistics

Expand your Market Area

Looking for low-cost sourcing solutions? Need to increase your manufacturing and maquiladora space? Metrics México offers a wide range of varied solutions to companies for solving their warehousing and distribution needs. We provide reliable storage, cross docking, order management and fulfillment services. Our logistics expertise can help your company by keeping your costs contained and your customers satisfied. Our wide variety of offerings will benefit your company’s market entry and exit, your profitability, and your ability to meet the challenges of a global market.

Our combination of cutting-edge technology and distribution solutions offers seamless management over your supply chain.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
IMMEX Warehousing
Real Time Inventory Tracking
Vendor Managed Inventory
Cross Docking
Order Fulfillment
Kan Ban Systems
Pick and Pack
Finished Goods Distribution

Merging IMMEX Warehousing with Real Time Inventory Tracking allows your company to store their merchandise in duty free status and also allows for expansion into the Mexican market. We serve various customers in the automotive, health care, and electronics industry.

Inbound Logistics

Metrics México inbound logistics consist of: Receipt of pallet items; Storage of pallet items (per pallet/per day); Receipt of boxed items; Storage of boxed items (per box/per day). The receipt process includes: unloading, a blind count, entry into the inventory tracking system, and warehousing. All materials received are verified via shipping documentation and receipt is confirmed. Warehousing space is managed through FIFO.

Outbound Logistics

Metrics México outbound logistics consist of: Storage of pallet items (per pallet/per day); Dispatching (per pallet); Storage of boxed items ((per box/per day); Picking (per box); Dispatching (per box). Administration of appropriate documentation: Pedimento, Proof of Delivery (POD)
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